We pray in all sorts of ways: in silence, out loud, through words written down or off the tops of our heads. We use the bible, songs, poems and pictures to inspire us.

If you'd like to try praying for yourself, you can just do it your way or there's some great stuff to help you here :

Christian Faith

We believe that human beings were created to know God and live in a loving relationship with God, which gives our lives true perspective and purpose.

Because of God’s grace in sending Jesus Christ we can call God ‘Father’, so we find we have brothers and sisters in the church family. Together, as a part of the local church family here in Heartsease, we come together to remember that everything we have comes from God and show our thankfulness. We place ourselves within his love, care and protection and, through listening to God's word in the Bible and opening ourselves to God's Spirit, we choose to follow God’s will for a better world.


When we mess up we ask for forgiveness, from God and each other, and share together in the joy and heartbreak of this messy but beautiful life, trusting God for strength, wisdom and courage to be salt and light in the world.

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St Francis Church Centre, Rider Haggard Road, Norwich NR7 9UQ

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