Jesus Shaped People

Why are we doing it?

Jesus-shaped people is a course designed to help us learn more about Jesus, so that we can get to be more like him.


What is it?

There are 15-sessions in the course and it looks at the five priorities of Jesus that we find in the Gospels. 


These are People, Teaching, Team Building, Prayer, Prophetic Challenge and there is a module for each of these.


So who is it for?

It is for everybody.  This course is intended for everyone in the church to take part.

So it will be the theme of our Sunday worship each week

It will be studied in the House Groups.  It will be part of our work with children and young people.


When are we doing it?

We started at the beginning of May.  We have done two modules before the summer holiday break.  We are doing two more modules in the Autumn, having a second break over Christmas and doing the last module in January/February next year.


What do we hope to get out of it?

For all of us a closer walk with Jesus

A greater understanding of who he is and what he has done for us.

A greater willingness to talk about him and his love for us

That his love will infect our community and draw in other people who want to share in it.

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